Workshop / Certificate Courses


1. BENDING THE FRAME: Rethinking Narratives
Bending the frame is a workshop investigating techniques within and outside photography to help create photo-based projects that bend the frame and/or think out of the box.
Workshop participants will investigate how traditional photojournalism and/or documentary photography can be combined with contemporary art practices. This project aims to widen horizons of how creatives think, execute and showcase their work by exploring new perspectives into the visual narrative.

Duration: 4 Weeks / Once a week (Saturdays)
Course Fee: Workshop One Rs. 8,000/- for outsiders and Rs. 5000/- for IVS Community
Timings: 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Starting from: 23rd Feb 2019-16th March 2019

2. SUSPENDING THE FRAME: Writing the Image
This workshop/colloquium will focus on equipping participants to articulate their works and build these into projects, imagining practice within and outside institutions.
Participants will be required to bring their ongoing work and share it with the group. Wendy will advise and guide participants through one on one and group discussions, commentaries and advisories on their existing works and guide them along in shaping these into projects. Participants will be introduced to helpful tools and resources that are imperative to transcending to the next level of professional practice.

Duration: 4 Weeks/ Two days a week (Tue & Thurs)
Course Fee: Workshop Two: 15,000/- for outsiders and 25% discount for IVS Community
Timings: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Starting from: 26th Mar 2019-18th April 2019

*Participants registering for both the workshops will be able to pay a collective fee of 20,000/

*Participants in the workshop must bring one or two images of their favourite photographs, paintings, sculptures or objects.

2. Block Printing Workshop

In the Fabric Block Printing course, the fine points of the ancient Fabric art of Block Printing and Design are explored. In this hands-on course you will enjoy creating designs on a Fabric using traditional block printing techniques. Participants will learn to appreciate the history and tradition of relief printing on fabric. Preparation of fabric and printing materials and equipment, Learn how to cut a block; Print Fabrics using a combination of blocks and understand multi-color printing. During these workshops skills in block printing are developed and also experience by learning and working alongside skilled craft person. It is very interesting to see how the prints are hand made with wooden blocks, usually with different colors extracted from nature.

Date: 17th to 21st December 2018
Duration: 5 days
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timings: 10:00 – 16:00

3. Social Media & Content Management:

An interactive workshop to teach the basics of digital and social media content, creation, planning and execution, at the end of which students will have a good understanding of how many different areas work, the difference between paid and organic, and how it all fits to create a content strategy for communication on multiple social media platforms to various types audiences and consumers.

*Students would need to bring their own laptops
Duration: 08 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 15,000/-
Timing: 17:00 – 19:00

4. Article and Blog Writing

For any author, online presence has become somewhat a mandatory requirement. A blog is the most effective way to reach out to throngs of audience and build a solid reader base. The course aims at introducing the participants to the expansive world of blog writing.Additionally, the participants will be exposed to the science of writings of different forms such as magazines, newspapers and other media sources to prefer journalism as a possible career option.Participants will also be expected to create personal blogs / write-ups of their genré of interest. Industry linkages will also be focused for future prospects.

Duration: 04 weeks / two days a week (Fri & Sat)
Course fee: 9,000/-
Timing: 18:00 – 20:00

5. Illustrations & Concept Art I

This course will provide you with a broad introduction to the art and understanding of what illustration is, along with an introduction to the skills (both technical and creative) required for its successful practice. The course are structured in such a way so as to increase your understanding of visual language while developing the ability to use that language in the communication of ideas and expression of creative thinking.

Duration: 07 weeks/ two days a week
Course fee: Rs.15,000/-
Timing: 17:00 -19:30

6. Fortune 101 Course on Entrepreneurship

The course intends to provide students with international standard procedures and information in launching a business. It also imparts knowledge necessary to select, develop and market their chosen business idea effectively. All relevant investment categories, funds and marketing strategies are practiced and techniques to improve the students’ working knowledge, networking and ability to pitch and convince buyers and investors for their concepts will be enhanced.

Duration: 06 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timing:17:00 – 19:00

7. Color in Interior Spaces

This fundamental course provides an introduction to the principles of color and an exploration of color theory as it relates to design and its environment. The psychological and cultural aspects of color will be examined in making appropriate design and decisions. Students will learn how to use color in both traditional and contemporary mediums.

Duration: 06 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timing: 17:00 -18:30

8. Fashion Design and Presentation

When designing a garment or a collection a designer needs practical knowledge of the fashion scene via research and development as well as presentation skills blended with patternmaking and construction experience to do justice with the creativity. This course will develop your conceptual and practical skills in fashion through practical exercises specially designed to develop the mindset and application theory of fashion design.

Duration: 08 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 15,000/-
Timing: 17:00 -18:30

9. Interior Basics

This course is an overview of interior design: terminology, the process of design, space planning, materials, and the presentation of effective design solutions for a variety of interiors. You will learn about colours, communicating concepts and combining materials and finishes.

Duration: 08 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 15,000/-
Timing: 17:30 -19:00

10. Basic Drawing and Painting

A workshop series on fundamentals of seeing line and value through studies of nature, still-life arrangements, the human figure, and concepts of perspective. You will also learn the relationships of materials, media, and techniques in both figurative and abstract art. The elements of colour and composition are introduced and explored.

Duration: 08 weeks / three days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timing: 17:00 – 19:00

11. Digital Photography workshop

Learn how to make pleasing and technically excellent digital images. The course covers fundamental and advanced aspects of photography. A lot of practical examples are presented and explained based on facilitator numerous years of field experience.

Duration: 08 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timing: 17:30-19:30

12. Basics of Textile Design

Textiles are made to be used primarily as furnishings and dress and are one of the most functional of the decorative arts. This workshop series provides basic textiles designing knowledge and broadens your artistic skills. The program is developed with emphasis on print designing, incorporating various techniques to help further your ability in layout, use of colours and painting.

Duration: 08 weeks / two days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timing: 17:00 – 19:00

13. Fast Track Digital Drafting (AutoCAD)

The course explores the latest tools and techniques in digital drafting covering all draw commands and options, editing, dimensioning, hatching, and plotting techniques available with AutoCAD Training. The instructor takes the users across a wide spectrum of solutions through progressive examples, comprehensive illustrations, and detailed exercises, thereby making it an ideal solution for both the novice and the advanced user. For busy people who need to learn the basics quickly and thoroughly, the Fast Track AutoCAD training is a concentrated course which is structured to take the beginner to professional literacy in AutoCAD 2D/3D drafting, in just 20 sessions.

Duration: 10 weeks / two days a week
Course Fee: Rs.15, 000/-
Timing: Thu 17:00 -19:00/Sat 15:30- 17:30

14. Calligraphy

This course is perfect for those who have never studied calligraphy. Urdu/Arabic/Persian calligraphy is a primary form of art for Islamic visual expression and creativity. Throughout the vast geography of the Islamic world, calligraphy is a symbol representing unity, beauty, and power. Calligraphy has arguably become the most venerated form of Islamic art because it provides a link between the writing system derived from the Arabic alphabet (e.g. Persian, Urdu). This unique course will be taught by a highly well learned calligrapher, who has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally.

Duration: 08 weeks / Two days a week
Course fee: 12,000/-
Timings: 17:00 -19:00

15. Sewing and Pattern Making Class

The participants will learn and understand the concepts of pattern making from basic blocks to creating garments. Learning how to take body measurement, the basic professional techniques used in the construction of garments, sewing techniques including cutting, construction and finishing are important skills practiced throughout the course.Creating garments using different types of fabrics makes this class very interesting.

Duration: 8 weeks / three days a week
Course fee: 16,000/-
Timing: 17:00 -19:00

16. Learn Farsi (A Persian Language Course)

This course will provide students with a basic knowledge of the Persian language. All language skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing, will be developed through the study of authentic materials and in-class communicative activities. An important component of the course will be the exploration of historical, literary, and artistic manifestations of Iranian culture. In preparing the course materials the emphasis has been placed on colloquial Persian. However, the textual readings, and the content, utilize examples of both literary and colloquial Persian

Duration: 06 weeks / three days a week
Course fee: 10,000/-
Timing: 16:00 -17:30

17. Digital Textile Design

This course explores the creative process and ways to design fashion and textiles using Photoshop and Illustrator allowing you to present your ideas from inspiration to final concept in a digital format. Students will learn to create textile motifs and design elements from scanned images, photographs or drawing tools; Apply artistic effects and fabrics to scanned fashion illustrations and visualize your ideas, develop color patterns and design variations.

Duration: 12 weeks/ two days a week
Course fee: 15000/-
Time: 17:00 – 19:00

Note: The workshop timings, duration and resource are indicative and subject to change due to the specialized nature and arrangements of the workshops, they organized with a flexible schedule depending upon the minimum number of participants registered. A workshop can commence with less than 7 participants. Workshop timings can also be changed due to circumstances and sometimes announced workshops can be completely called off.


  • 25% for IVS Students/ members of Alumni Association /Faculty/Admin Staff
  • *Show your alumni membership card at the time of registration to avail the special discountRegistration open: For details, contact
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