Six-Month Diploma Certificate

Advanced Diploma in Interior Decor and Design

In the advanced diploma in interior décor and design, participants will develop and enhance knowledge and skills essential for technical and creative solutions for institutional, commercial and residential interior environments. They will be equipped to research, analyze and integrate their knowledge into efficient, comfortable, safe and aesthetic interiors. With a balanced combination of classroom studies and practical application of projects, we explore vast options in researching global trends, concept exploration, designing for different scales in interiors, computer aided design for interiors, furniture and furnishings, design and décor implementation management.

Diploma in Visual Media

There are many paths to mastering the art of filmmaking and our priority is to give students the basic knowledge to engage in every field related to the art of visual storytelling. The course structure is varied and extensive and you can expect six months of engaging in projects very close to your heart and expression style.  The course will offer a range of hands-on learning projects and practical exercises with digital equipment as well as learning around important historical and contemporary movements in world cinema. Examining key genres and elements and film styles will guide you to your own project research and scriptwriting proposal to storyboarding, post-production and editing. You will develop your individual film work portfolio.

Diploma in Urban Crafts & Design

Over the last few years, Pakistan’s craft market has transformed and it continues to grow. With craft shows, workshops and celebration of artisans all over, why not introduce yourself to the incredible world of crafts and the opportunities it entails?

Continuing Education Program at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture introduces its first diploma program in Art & Craft to nurture the hobbyist, to evolve the amateur and to invoke the creative spirit within local craft connoisseurs. If you are enthusiastic about varying crafts and want to engage in a hands-on course at par with international trends, this program is for you. Learn techniques and a variety of crafts over a span of 6 months, applying some of the finest materials, utilizing some unique working techniques and of course, enjoy learning in the process.

Diploma in Professional Photography

Diploma in Professional Photography is an innovative program which prepares participants to adapt to emerging technologies and enables them to communicate effectively through creative visuals. Diploma in Professional Photography aims to train participants in all aspects of photography through real-time projects, both in the classroom as well as live situations and actual locations.

Feedback by the lead facilitator follows a thorough analysis of all images taken by students, ensuring that participants learn as they shoot. So, their understanding, depth of knowledge, and their techniques are constantly evolving. Upon successful completion of the course, learners can take up challenging assignments in various fields of professional photography such as Fashion, Event, Lifestyle, Portraiture, Architecture, Industrial and product Photography, Photojournalism, Wedding, Wildlife & Fine Art.

Diploma in Creative Advertising

The Diploma in Creative Advertising at IVS is a 24-week course which covers all media from traditional print to social platforms. The Diploma in Creative Advertising prepares you for the creative departments of advertising, as well as any endeavor that entails use of creative faculties. The course arms you with lifelong core skills of creative problem-solving and of presenting information in a precise, concise and compelling manner.

One of the strongest assets of IVS is its ties with prominent artists, designers and involvement with senior creative people in advertising and marketing industry. Participants will be immersed in learning about ideation, creative design and copywriting for all mediums including print, outdoor, television, interactive, and web. Your final portfolio will be a reflection of your ability to create and craft impactful, innovative ideas with a specific emphasis on advertising industry and integrated marketing in general.

Diploma in Business Communication

The course intends to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and information on various approaches of communication. It also imparts knowledge necessary to improve their ability to communicate effectively. Students practice all relevant reading, writing, listening and speaking skills extensively and enhance their working vocabulary and ability to express themselves in a clear and convincing manner.

Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design

The course prepares participants to work commercially with architects and interior designers. It explores the key aspects of interior design and decoration so that students will obtain a firm understanding of the fundamentals of interior design and decoration.  Assignments completed during the course will form an impressive portfolio for students to show to prospective employers and potential clients. The curriculum includes field trips, visits to showrooms and important built spaces.

Diploma in Sketching, Drawing and Painting

This basic drawing and painting course gives beginners and more experienced artists who feel they lack some basic techniques, a sound introduction to painting and drawing. The study units cover a wide range of subjects with different mediums. One of the key objectives of the course is to enable students to learn enough about painting and drawing in its many forms, to start to understand which areas they enjoy most – with a view to concentrating more on these areas in the future. Learning good basic techniques are very important to enable would be artists to maximize their potential.

Diploma in Event Management

The event management industry is a young and dynamic industry which has been expanding rapidly in Pakistan in the past few years, giving rise to an ever increasing demand for professionals who are able to manage events.  The objective of the Diploma in Event Management is to provide participants with the numerous theory and operational skills required for managing successful events. The event manager’s job involves arranging every aspect of an event from budgeting, finance, sponsorship, marketing, managing to organizing and coordinating all the elements that will make an event memorable and successful.

Eligibility and registration:

  • Students must have cleared intermediate/ ‘A’ levels and be at least 18 years old.  No previous art or design experience is necessary.
  • Selection interviews are the basic criteria for admission to Diploma courses.
  • The Continuing Education Program (CEP) office is located in the administration block of IVS and its hours are 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., Monday to Friday. (Saturday hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.).
  • Diploma certificates will be issued to all individuals who have attended 80% or more of scheduled class hours and obtained at least a satisfactory grade.


25% for IVS Students/ members of Alumni Association /Faculty/Admin Staff
*Show your alumni membership card at the time of registration to avail the discount

Registration open: for details, contact 
Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture ST-33, Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton , Karachi-75600, Pakistan . UAN#: 111-111-487, Ext: 217/218/219.