Nusserwanjee Park

The Nusserwanjee Park was adopted under an MOU by the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2010 as school’s community service project under the ‘adopt a park’ scheme of the city government. The MOU gives IVS only the rights to manage and take responsibility of the park. The park has been named after the famous 100-year-old Nusserwanjee building is adjacent to the park and which was moved brick by brick from Kharadar and now is an integral part of the IVS campus.

Earlier, the park site was abandoned and used as a garbage dump. Ardeshir Cowasjee and several other philanthropists helped the School in obtaining the park that it now manages.

The School has developed this Park with a financial outlay of Rs. 7 million with cash and in-kind donations received from several responsible citizens and from companies with a strong CSR image. The donations from generous donors came in the form of trees, plants, cement, blocks, concrete and cash as Nusserwanjee Park moved slowly and steadily towards completion.

The park is spread over an area of 4,085 square yards, has a walkway, a court, an exhibition space and a non-ball play area located between IVS Campus and Qamar-ul-Islam Madarsa. The facility is managed and taken care of by IVS and shared with the community, madrassah students and the residents of the area. Students of both educational facilities have been using the park as a recreational spot where no-ball games are allowed.

At present the park has flat grass (lawn) with herbs and shrubs in abundance. Native plant species such as Weeping Fig, Royal Poinciana, Madras Thorn/ Jungle Jilabbi, Babul, Parkinsonia, Duranta, Asan, English Babul, Gul Mohar, Pasonia and some species of Palm share space with the Bougainvillea creepers hanging over the wall of the Nusserwanjee Wing in the IVS campus.

Despite all generous donations and grants, Nusserwanjee Park still needs donations which needs to be added to the School’s Community Services Fund (CSF).

The income generated from the fund is used to sustainably manage the cost  incurred for maintaining the Park.