Graduate Programme

The graduate programme at IVS aims to integrate research and practice to foster interdisciplinary approaches in learning. The ideal students entering the programme will be those creative practitioners who are interested in engaging with critical theories to broaden their perspectives and further their careers.
The objectives of the programme are: to educate students to be competent, more aware, socially responsible and professionally diverse future academicians, researchers, critical thinkers, and professionals in the field; and to provide a platform for research that is geared towards investigating local issues with an understanding of the growing global concerns.
Masters Degrees will be offered in Architecture (M.Arch), Communication Design (M.Des: Communication Design), Textile Design (M.Des: Textile Design), and Fine Art (MFA). Candidates who have received their first professional five/four year degree in the field of Architecture, Design or Fine Art (or other related fields), are eligible to apply. Work experience in the relevant fields is not a requirement but will further enrich applications of prospective candidates. The applications for the graduate programme will open in Fall 2019, and the programme will begin in January 2020.