IVS Communication Design Students Design Digital Hifazat Toolkit for Zindagi Trust

Digital Hifazat Toolkit – a collaborative project with Zindagi Trust and Tiktok

The final year students of Dept. of Communication Design, under the supervision of Associate Professor Tazeen Hussain, worked on a project Digital Hifazat - a toolkit to teach students, teachers and parents about dangers of the digital space. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Zindagi Trust and Tiktok and supported by Sindh Government and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The Digital Hifazat Toolkit will be used to conduct digital safety trainings in government schools across Sindh. Through interactive sessions and workshops using the toolkit, Zindagi Trust and IVS aim to create awareness among the youth about cyberbullying, online predators, and potential risks associated with oversharing personal information.

Through this project students of Dept. of Communication Design also got to experience first-hand the production and dissemination of their project while engaging in post-production research. Zindagi Trust arranged for IVS students to accompany their team to see the Digital Hifazat toolkit being used for training in government schools.

“Witnessing our design be a part of the digital safety tool kit and come to life in a classroom workshop was nothing short of mesmerizing. During the workshops, we observed what worked well, and what we as designers should watch out for while working on projects like this.” - Hania Zubair, Final Year, CD.

The Digital Safety Toolkit was designed as part of the Capstone Studio Project which focuses on real world projects through partnerships and collaborations with clients. The project was further refined by Sualeha Jalbani and Shafaq Bashir Mohammedi during a subsequent internship with Zindagi Trust under the guidance from their communications team. Shafaq and Sualeha recall the internship experience at Zindagi Trust.

“During our internship with Zindagi Trust, we not only had the privilege of working on the Digital Hifazat Toolkit but also had the opportunity to learn about effective marketing strategies. This experience enriched our understanding of curriculum development for government schools of Pakistan, project management. Our engagement with the children for user testing of book and our exposure to marketing strategies made this experience both memorable and educational.” - Sualeha Jalbani, Final year CD. 

“Working with Zindagi trust for the Digital Hifazat toolkit and many other responsibilities that they allotted us was one of the best learning experiences for us. We learnt about the curriculum development, how they manage their projects across schools and much more.” - Shafaq Bashir Mohammedi, Final year, CD.

Design Team : Shafaq Bashir Muhammadi, Sualeha Jalbani, Hafsa Bano, Hania Zubair, Mahnoor Salman, Rameen Pai

The toolkit also included illustrations and a comic book by Umair Najeeb Khan.