Artrageous Junior 2023

We are happy to announce Artrageous sessions for 4-8 year olds called Artrageous Junior 2023. While we keep the days and timings the same as Summer Artrageous for 8-15 years children to facilitate parents, the programme is based on the principles of holistic development in Early Childhood Years with creative play and activities as the main vehicles for learning and development. Here are the details of Artrageous Junior (4-8 years).


Round 1: May 2- May 12, 2023

Round 2: May 15-26, 2023          

Round 3: May 29- June 9, 2023

Round 4: June 12- 23, 2023

Round 5: July 4- 14, 2023

Age Groups

 4- 8 years


10.00am – 1.00 pm


PKR 22, 500/- per child per round

Daily Routine

Our creative, agile and trained facilitators will engage the Junior cohort in a range of activities that will develop their social, emotional, cognitive, conceptual, creative and linguistic repertoire. From science experiments to musical melodies, your kids will have a chance to express, create, explore, converse, and most importantly, gain confidence in their abilities, curiosity to learn and skills to work with young and old alike. 

Time Slots


Activity Focus & Outcomes

10.00- 10.30 am

Baatoun se batein bunein

Talking about self, likes, preferences. Develop social skills, confidence and comfort in communication

10.30am-11.15 am

Dekho, Soucho, Samjho

Outside time – to nurture inquiry and observation skills, exploring nature and scientific concepts – sink and float, patterns, etc.

11.15am - 11.40am

Khana hou tu  Sehat ke Saath

Snack time - Homemade food – balanced plate- veggies rainbow-nutrition – sharing-critical thinking

11.40am - 12.20pm

Aao Craft Karein

A lot of fun and creative crafts which improve aesthetics/creativity, hand eye coordination, frugality, treasure from trash, usefulness, props for storytelling/singing

12.20 pm-1.00pm

Khel Kahani Gana Bajana

Pretend play, role play, drama, signing with actions, emotions, developing imagination, vocab, expression


Samra Hassan (Lead)

Zoha Shehzad (Assistant) 

Note for Parents:

Your child’s safety and security is our prime concern and responsibility during the course hours. However, you must ensure that you are able to have him/her picked up from IVS Campus latest by 1.15pm. We will issue ID cards that must be shown at the gate and then at the reception. Upon satisfactory identification, we will allow the child to escort the person who has come to fetch the child. We may call the given primary contact to reconfirm with the parent.

In case, an older sibling/cousin is enrolled in Summer Artrageous 2023 in 1.15pm- 2.30pm course, we will allow the Artrageous Junior (4-8 age group) participant to stay for collective pick up. However, a parent or attendant will need to be with the child. Artrageous facilitators or interns will not be responsible for minding the children.

You must send a water bottle and lunch with your child. Buying food from cafeteria will not be allowed to Juniors. 

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