Bachelor of Communication Design

The Communication Design programme at IVS is a real life preparatory programme which engages different forms of media to communicate ideas and translate concepts into design projects. We endeavour to bring forth designers who can ethically and critically interact with the world at large.

Based on methodology of research, analysis, innovation, and creativity, we integrate critical and analytical thinking in approaching design. The programme offers a progressive transition through the course modules that gear students towards effective learning to be applied in multifaceted design world. It also strives to inculcate social and cultural sensitivity among the students through socially responsive projects within curricula.

The courses are divided into design studio, labs and theory which progressively introduce the students to skills and concepts aiding them to create original content with independent and innovative thinking. The major studios are complimented by other courses in marketing and production techniques as well as courses in digital film, photography and illustration.

Design Studio

Graphic Design

The three-year design curriculum in the department exposes the students to various areas of design including publication, web, media and UX/UI. Students are encouraged to engage in experimental and individual explorations that facilitate personal and professional goals. While the course enables students to think visually and understand the creative processes rooted in theoretical aspects of design, they are also introduced to design software. This is in collaboration with problem solving methodologies and critical thought while developing a personal design vocabulary.

Typography – Urdu and  English

Typography is a key component of the design curricula in which students investigate the possibilities of typographic form using the two dominant languages – English and Urdu as means of effective communication. Theory and practice of letterforms and typography is fundamental to diverse design practices whether used in advertising design, digital media or UI/UX. Projects cover principles of typography, letter structure, typeface selection, fundamentals of computer typesetting, grid structures for publication design, and typographic layout.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design is taught under the umbrella of Design Studio, with lateral thinking and creative problem solving at its core. Students are trained in contextualizing historical advertising campaigns, along with tools and strategies to study current advertising trends. Through a series of workshops, lectures and practical assignments, this course prepares students to think innovatively specializing in content creation and copywriting. The course helps students develop a clear understanding of product/services and their intended markets. They interact with dynamic and diverse faculty and professionals in this exciting course, which also covers critical and practical theory.

Website and Interaction Design

This is an introductory course covering the basics of website design. Students develop an understanding of decoding website briefs, doing research for web design, understanding the idea of user journeys, setting up a basic web design grid for both desktop and mobile, and finally designing and defining the user experience of the website.

Social Project — Design for Society

The Department of Communication Design at IVS works in tandem with large sections of the society to create awareness of social and cultural contexts at home and beyond. We believe it is essential for the students to address relevant issues and create pertinent design solutions.

In seventh semester projects undertaken within this category enable students to conduct in-field research, working closely with the communities, as they develop a sustainable design based solutions. As future designers, they look at problems, which different communities face on everyday basis and decipher the difficulties that might exist, be it navigation, education, disaster preparedness or accessibility of information.


Along with the major courses, students are offered minor courses as secondary concentrations. The minors are structured to compliment the learning of the major studios and allow experimentation for a richer cross-disciplinary experience.


The minor provides students with principles of digital film and photography as applicable to designers. With emphasis on creative experimentation and immaculate craftsmanship students are  introduced  to  basic   concepts   like   framing,   composition as well as natural and artificial lighting. Students are supported in their exploration with strong technical instruction, excellent facilities and coursework that balances aesthetic, conceptual, and historical concerns. Course levels include basic camera techniques, documentary photography, special-effects techniques, studio still life, portraiture, and ultimately an independent project.

Digital Film

Similarly, the digital film component of the course teaches the student how to master this medium with directing, screenwriting, editing and cinematography through the stages of realizing a video project from research and planning to shooting and editing, including how to work with light and sound.


Illustration as a medium encompasses traditional techniques and digital technology, often combining both. Illustration is a powerful and influential medium, confronting the challenges of problem solving, collaboration and idea development. The first year of the programme is targeted towards the introduction and exploration to mediums and the development of technical skills. The second year concentrates on character and narrative development, visual storytelling, learning concepts and ideas of digital and analogue illustration, simultaneously giving the students space to identify their strengths. In the final year students are encouraged to take on an independent study with the application of all that is learnt.  Professional practice and market- centric assignments are encouraged as the students work towards the creation of their portfolios.


History of Design

The History of Design course introduces students to the design movements from the 19th and 20th century with emphasis on social, economic, and political conditions of that time. This course also focuses on teaching students to visually and critically analyse the works of the pioneers from the field of design. This is a theory course and is taught through lectures, slide shows and discussions. Students are required to conduct research, write papers, and develop presentations in this class. The History of Design course is taught in the 4th semester.


Computer Graphics Lab

This lab is designed to equip the students with technical competence in multiple design software. The curricula spans from introductory to advanced level courses in page layout, image manipulation and advanced compositing. Students use the industry standard Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create visuals that can be printed and distributed in digital and print platforms.


This credited course is taken in the summer prior to the last semester of study at the Department of Communication Design. The internship gives the students an insight into the professional working environment and also helps in preparing the students for their final thesis project. Students intern at advertising agencies, design houses, media and non-profits organisations. The objective of the internship course is to enhance the students’ personal as well as professional skills, and provide a platform from which they can make more informed and educated decisions about their future careers.


The final thesis is the culmination of the four-year undergraduate degree. This student directed project is undertaken in the final semester of study. Students are required to conduct in-depth research on their chosen topic, leading to a coherent design solution after thorough analyses. Each student is assigned an advisor for their project. The assessment is based on student’s ability of developing a concept into a viable design solution as well as their level of skill, exploration of media and understanding of technical and production aspects.

Talks, Seminars, Workshops

The Department of Communication Design regularly invites professionals from the field of design, film, photography, and other fields, to share their experiences and knowledge with the students. Short duration workshops are also conducted by visiting professionals throughout the academic years.

Study Visits

Study trips are planned and organised by the faculty and students with the objective of enhancing the students’ learning and giving them a broader perspective of their field of study. Students are taken on local, provincial trips during their course of study. These national visits are an integral part of learning for the students outside the formal studio structure.

Design Consultancy

The Department of Communication Design also offers professional design services in print media, film, illustration and photography. Past clients have included multi-national corporations, educational institutions, fashion houses, NGO’s and others. The Department also undertakes pro-bono work from the social/ development sector.


3rd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LA354 Histories of Art, Design and Architecture III
— 1855 up till Modernism
LA308 Islamic and Pakistan Studies 3
DE344 Design Studio 1 6
DE322 Photography and Film 3
DE330 Illustration and Drawing 3
 Total Credits 18
4rth Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours





Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture

Islamic Art, Design and Architecture

Tracing Contemporary Art

Psychoanalysis and Art


DE448 History of Design and Communication 3
DE444 Design Studio 2 6
DE430 Photography and Film 3
DE421 Drawing and Illustration 3
 Total Credits 18
5th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours






General Electives:

Critical Notions of Space and Place

Politics and Power in Literature

Urdu Adab

Philosophical Inquiry

Sustainable Cities and Communities








Art Electives:

Art in the Time of the Raj

Introduction to Performance Art

Culture on Display

Sonic Force in Contemporary Art

Screening the Body: Gender, Race and Nation
in Visual Culture


DE544 Design Studio 3 6
DE530 Photography and Film 3
DE521 Digital Illustration 3
 Total Credits  18
6th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LA612 Research Methodologies
(Pre-Req for Final Research Paper)   Electives:






Dialogues in Philosophies of Photography

Past is Prologue: Theories in Historiography

Introductory  Psychology

Music and Ideas




DE644 Design Studio 4 6
DE646 Marketing and Production Art 3






Digital Illustration

 Total Credits 18
7th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LA768 Final Research Paper 3
DE747 Advertising Design and Marketing 3
DE744 Design Studio 5 6





Digital Illustration


 Total Credits 15
8th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DE845 Thesis 12
DE835 Internship 3
Total Credits 15

Total Credits Semesters 1-2: 35
Total Credits Semesters 3-8: 102
Total Credits required for a Bachelor in Communication Design degree: 137

Disclaimer: Curricula are continuously under review and Indus Valley School reserves the right to alter, substitute, eliminate from or add to the list of courses and details at any time without any notice.

Head, Associate Professor

Tazeen Hussain

MA, New Media and Society,
University of Leicester, UK
B.Des, IVS, Pak

Assistant Professor

Farah Mahbub

B.A, KU, Pak

Assistant Professor

Alfiya Halai

B.Des, IVS, Pak

Assistant Professor

Syed Ammad Tahir

B.FA, IVS, Pak

Assistant Professor

Ahsan Masood

Masters of Fine Arts, Aalto . BFA from NCA

Assistant Professor

Mirza Mohammad Amir

Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, KU,
Certificate in Graphic Design and Advertising, parsons school of design, New York. Certificate in film-making, IVS


Ume Laila Hasan

B.Des, IVS, Pak

Teaching Assistant

Mahmood Ali Ahmed

PGD Photography, IVS, Pak

Academic Programme Assistant

Faraz Ahmed


Adil Siddiqui

Masters of Arts in New Media Photojournalism
George Washington University – Washington, District of Columbia, USA


Asma Javeri

B. Des, IVS, Pak


Faraz Maqsood Hamidi

BSc, Mass Communication, Boston University


Hasan Habib

Master’s Degree MA Digital Experience Design Hyper Island Manchester.



Kiran Ahmad

B. Des, IVS, Pak

Nagin Ansari

B.Des, IVS, Pak


Shaheedullah Baray

Dip. Graphic Art Printing, Canada


Summaiya Jillani

BFA, KU, Pak


Syed Hisham Masood

BA, Film Arts and Production,
Toronto Media and Film College


Syed Ovais Ali Qadri

MA, Economics, KU, Pak

Bhawal Valjee (Badal)

Technical Staff