Study Trips

IVS arranges study visits within Pakistan. Student arrange their own funding through self-financing. Local, national study trips are considered essential components of academic life, as students get the opportunity to meet architects, artists or designers from diverse historical, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and share with them their ideas, techniques and philosophies. Students also get the chance to attend relevant workshops and seminars during study trips.


Communication Design

6th Semester Communication Design students attended the ND2C held in Islamabad


Textile Design

6th Semester Textile Design Students along with faculty members Umer Rehman, Tanzeel Saeed and Nausheen Faiz visited Upper Sind (Sukkur, Shikarpur, and Khairpur) for the course of Craft Documentation.

This Textile Design course aims to document the living crafts of Pakistan through research and firsthand information. It further inculcates a culture of research with in the field of Textile Design. The students carry out field research in the rural areas of Pakistan and document the origin, system and status of crafts through written and visual mediums i.e. notes, drawings, photographs, interviews, and films.


Fine Art

Fine Art students visited KB17 installations in different parts of Karachi