Student Council

Governance is the process and structure through which the School functions on a day-to-day basis and sets direction for the future. This includes the Executive Committee, administrators, faculty and students. The IVS Students’ Council is a voluntary body, formed in order to facilitate and support the student body. The Student Council is an actively functioning body of students representing the full time Undergraduate and Diploma student population. The Student Council acts as a liaison between students and the administration. The Student Council plays a vital role in shaping student life on campus.

The tenure of an elected council is 12 months, spanning from April to March each year. It consists of students elected through an election process that takes place annually and comprises 10 elected members and 5 nominated representatives in different assigned categories to carry out their functions. These students must maintain a CGPA of 2.30 and have all their School dues cleared in order to be eligible for candidacy. They must also obtain approval from the relevant Head of the Department before contesting the election.

inspirational connections between the School and its graduates. Alumni of the IVS School have a strong sense of their roots, both in terms of professional pride and camaraderie.

The IVS Alumni Association is an independent society registered under the Societies Act 1860. As a membership based service organization, it has been home to several programmes and services for IVS alumni. Amongst the best known and most popular activities of the Alumni Association are the Foundation City Orientation Classes (a one credit hour course conducted by the Alumni) and the Annual Alumni Art Show. Conducted by a committee of ten alumni in the Foundation year, the city orientation classes comprise exploring the city in accordance with the annual theme.