Rahnuma is a student organization based at IVS that is run by love and support. It aims to cater to the community and country with a mission of spreading positivity.

Be it Ramadan, Eid, Holi or Diwali, Rahnuma always manages to light up the campus, and the lives of the families attached to it.

The past year was a massive learning experience for the Rahnuma Schooling Project’s students. From doing yoga early morning to creating colors with organic materials to making pottery to planting trees to attaining first aid training to developing healthy lifestyle and spreading drug awareness, they did everything!

Rahnuma has truckloads of plans for the near future and just the right amount of energy to fulfil them!


President                               Areeba Goreja

Academics Incharge           Anushay Rehman
Zahra Rizvi
Shireen Fatima
Nausheen Sohail
Fatma Rafia
Palwasha Shahrukh
Aisar Abbas
Alizey Ghaffar
Bareera Goreja
Mubah Anas
Naima Zaidi
Zainab Anwer

Marketing Incharge             Muhaddisa Shahzad (Communication Design)
                                               Hareem Farrukh (Communication Design)

Logistics Incharge               Rameez Suleman
Shumaiza Shaukat