Nusserwanjee Building Fund

Nusserwanjee Building Fund was established as per the objective is to maintain the historical Nusserwanjee building which was relocated from old Kharadar area to IVS campus. It is the biggest relocation project of its kind in subcontinent and a pride for IVS as well as for the City of Karachi. Being an old building and near to the harsh sea environment, Nusserwanjee requires continuous upkeep, maintenance and care to prevent it from deterioration and damages caused by the sea.

The Nusserwanjee Building Project is unique in the architectural history of the subcontinent. The Nusserwanjee Building is a 100 year old Kharadar landmark, named after Karachi philanthropist, Jamshed Nusserwanjee. Today, it has been relocated, stone by stone, to become a part of the IVS campus. A monumental undertaking, all 25,000 sq. ft. of the building has been transported to a beautiful new site by the sea. Each of its 26,000 stones is rich in history and beauty, and each is being preserved for future generations to come. The four-story East Wing was completed in 2001 and the three story West Wing became operational at the end of 2004. The two wings give the School a further 25,000 sq. ft. of space, while additions to the building and interior continue to be made. On the IVS campus, Nusserwanjee Building faces the Arabian Sea and over the years the proximity to the open sea environment with high humidity and strong saline winds has accelerated the predictable process of deterioration of its material, particularly its stone facade.

The responsibility to maintain the building has become challenging for the School.  In order to contain and reverse this serious environmental threat to the building there is an urgent need to repair, conserve and maintain its stone cladding and extensive timber work. A detailed technical evaluation of the damage has already been carried out. All this requires large amounts of money and School finds it difficult to stretch its existing resources.

The realization of this Project has required the contribution of many individuals. So far the Nusserwanjee Building Fund has been built with the help and generosity of a number of individuals and corporations who have become its sponsors.

For more information on how you can help, please contact

Mr. Atif Salman
Manager Finance