IVS Gallery

As part of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, the aim of IVS Gallery is to initiate and promote projects and events which are educational, encompass modern and contemporary art practices and support the academic and civic ideas of the university. From art to design, textiles and performance the gallery conceives and presents curated and thematic projects essentially focusing on critical discourse and research. This provides an opportunity for students to enhance their critical thinking skills while understanding diverse art forms.

The gallery provides a platform for emerging artists and a prestigious stage for established artists through exhibitions and retrospectives.

To support exhibition projects the gallery runs a monthly series of artist talks in which emerging, mid-career and established artists are called upon for analytical discussions on various art processes and production. Guest speakers from many disciplines have been invited to hold talks such as ‘Is the Taj Mahal Pakistani? Teaching Pakistani History/Teaching Pakistanis History’, ‘The Social Structural Transformation of Pakistan’ and ‘Are Pakistani women the new (or only) hope’ by Professor Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi. Sabiana Paoli, director and owner of Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery, Italy presented a three-day lecture on ‘Italian Art in the 20th Century’. Bina Sarkar Ellias, founder, editor, designer and publisher of International Gallerie, India, lectured on ‘Power of Art and Social Responsibility.’ Damon Kowarsky and HyunJu Kim presented a talk on the Printmaking techniques of ‘Fine Line Etching and Aquatint’ that they studied in different countries.

Besides professional artists, the gallery also engages students studying in different departments and streams  to  interact  with and use the space for their projects. This helps maintain discourse outside the classroom and serves as a training tool for the future. The gallery is not limited to art-based events, and also promotes literary activities. It has been used as an acclaimed platform for workshops and exhibitions such as ‘Workshop/master class for mural painting by American Hip Hop artists’, ‘Photography Competition Exhibition’ by Board of Architectural Education – Institute of Architects Pakistan and IAP, Karachi Chapter, ‘Returning a Stranger by Ester Svensson’ an exhibition of works produced during the five-week Vasl Artist Residency, ‘Fine Print – Etchings and Aquatint’ works produced by 20 artists during a two  week printmaking workshop  conducted by Damon Kowrasky and Hyun Ju Kim, and ‘Searching for Turtles in Paradise’ by Michael Esson.