Scholarship/ Financial Assistance

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) believes in providing education to people coming from all segments of society. It promotes the philosophy of equal opportunity and education for all in an inclusive learning environment.

IVS offers Scholarships and interest free Financial Assistance  to the new students who have been selected on merit to join or existing students who due to the changed circumstances are finding it difficult to pay their fee. The students have to go through an application and interview process before the Award Committee. The approved period of assistance will be the entire period of study at IVS (4 or 5 years) subject to maintaining required level of academic performance through GPA.


Need based Scholarship are awarded to those individuals whose family income is insufficient or where it is felt that repayment after one year of graduation of the student is not possible. Scholarship of up to a maximum of 75% of the tuition fee can be awarded.

The student has to maintain a certain level of Academic performance (GPA of 2.30 in Foundation Year and 2.50 in rest of the years) to continue availing Scholarship/ Financial Assistance.

It is the discretion of Award Committee (Interview Panel) to decide the percentage assistance (up to a maximum of 75% of the tuition fee) as Scholarship or Financial Assistance .

Financial Assistance

This financial help is given in the form of an interest free loan to cover up to 75% of the tuition fee. This scheme is for those who have a sufficient income stream but there may be a temporary difficulty as more than one child is receiving higher education or there may have been a momentary hardship in the family.

A parent or guardian is required to give a written guarantee that the repayment of the loaned amount will start after one year from the date of graduation of the student and the whole amount shall be paid within 5 years. Student has to sign a Promissory Note just before graduation to firm his commitment to pay back the received amount in easily instalments.

Links to download

(1)    Scholarship and Financial Assistance Manual 

(2)    Scholarship and Financial Assistance Form

For more information and contribution, please contact

Mr. Atif Salman

Manager Finance