Scholarships/ Financial Assistance Fund

The IVS offers financial assistance to students who have difficulty in meeting their fee payments. The Schemes are as follows.

Financial Assistance Scheme:This scheme is interest free but involves the parent or guardian giving a written guarantee that the funds loaned will start being repaid 6 months after the graduation of the student. This scheme is for those who have a sufficient income stream but there may be a temporary difficulty as more than one child is receiving higher

The funds for the Schemes are collected in four different ways:

  1. The School earmarks  50% of the admission fee for this kind of assistance each year (the other 50% of the admission fee goes to the Endowment Fund)
  2. A substantial amount for the fund each year is donated by the philanthropists of the country.
  3. The School also arranges fund raising events and activities to generate contribution from the community and to meet the fund requirements.
  4. A small component of the fund is also generated through repayment from students who were benefitted by the scheme during their studies at IVS.

For more information and contribution, please contact

Mr. Atif Salman
Manager Finance