Corporate Training

The Continuing Education Program at IVS provides innovative training courses and solutions specifically designed for your business, industry or design and development departments.

As society and technology change rapidly, so do perceptions. Employees need to update their skills continually and we are committed to assisting your organization in this process. You can avail options including:

  • specialized on-site training
  • customized skill training
  • Selection from our list of courses which can be modified according to your needs.

Continuing Education Program offers flexible options for courses/training to meet your specific needs and schedules. We can offer training at your company site, at any seminar or conference centre selected by your management or arrange your training at the beautiful facilities within the IVS campus. We provide training solutions to fit your business needs and have the resources to handle it all from assessing employees to designing curricula, recruiting instructors, and implementing the program. CEP-IVS provides turnkey solutions to address your business challenges.

Today all around the world, employee training remains one of the highest-return investments you can make, because it serves the long-term future of a company. We offer our training facilities, well-known facilitators and years-long experience of delivering world-class training to find the right fit for your corporate training requirements. Please contact Director CEP to find the right training right now for your entire creative, supervisory and management teams.

Mohammad Rasheed Noorani
Director Continuing Education Program