Graduate Endowment Fund

Graduate Endowment Fund was created for the proposed postgraduate program which would be the first of its kind in this part of Pakistan: its interdisciplinary core integral to teaching and learning towards critically engaged visual art/design/architectural practices in academia and in the industry, emphasizes praxis, integrating research and practice so that it is most relevant to the needs – and situated in the framework – of the advances in academia and industry, nationally and internationally. Its interdisciplinary nature also allows for flexibility, self-evaluation, re-structuring and growth, thereby making the program dynamic.

Within this, and building upon its current academic strengths, the school would then offer the following four degrees in art, design and architecture:

  1. Master of Design in Textiles (M.Des: Tex)
  2. Master of Design in Visual Communication  (M.Des: Vis.Com)
  3. Master of Fine Art (MFA)
  4. Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

The Graduate Endowment Fund is the financial resource pool for the Indus Valley School. Over the years, the fund has expanded due to a number of philanthropists and donors who are keen to see the School grow into an institution of excellence in the field of design studies.

The Endowment Fund helps to set the School on its track into the future. With the existence of the Endowment Fund, new programme are able to be added so that the School can keep up with advances in technology and information.

Families of the Alumni and friends of the School are invited to contribute to the Fund in order that their future generations may partake of the infinite learning the Indus Valley School has to offer.

How can one contribute in School’s Graduate Endowment Fund?

For more information and contribution, please contact

Mr. Atif Salman
Manager Finance