The Architecture Design Research Lab, affiliated with the Department of Architecture at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, is a design and research laboratory devoted to projects within the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design and Heritage Conservation and Documentation. The concept for the Lab was inspired by the need to develop a platform to bring academics, practitioners and students together to cultivate a research-driven practice on projects of social

and cultural value. The intent of the ADRL is to carry out interdisciplinary research on the built environment of Karachi and surrounding areas, and to engage with the larger public in order to educate and create awareness about contemporary architectural practice. Our approach to design is grounded in a methodology that emphasizes the need to understand the various points of view of different stakeholders, building deeper historical and anthropological understanding of how people interact with the built environment, and using documented research to inform our design practice with the aim of providing solutions that are useful and afford value to the lives of their inhabitants. We believe in designing the built environment in a way that places human life and activity at its center. Built environment refers to human-made surroundings that serve as settings for human activity, and our objective is to search for and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that can allow us to improve the way we live, work and recreate in such settings—both locally and regionally. We are currently in the process of pursuing projects that are socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible. Since its initiation, the ADRL has been working on a number of small and large scale projects, organizing a series of lectures and presentations and conducting workshops and design competitions. Our mission is to eventually establish the ADRL as a leading center in Pakistan for architectural design research, recognized for providing well examined, viable and sustainable solutions to existing and emerging problems in local and regional contexts.